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CHARLOTTE TILBURY: Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask


Since Charlotte Tilbury burst onto the cosmetics scene in 2013 with her eponymous line, she has been making serious waves with her revolutionary products, beautiful rose gold packaging and a belief that everybody has a supermodel within them. First it was Charlotte's Magic Cream, developed backstage over a number of years prior to the launch of the brand. Then it was Scent of a Dream, with its wonderful citrus and floral- or 'fleurotic' notes, and a vintage style bottle worthy of any Old Hollywood vanity. It only makes sense that Charlotte's latest offering would be worth a rave review, right?

So, the whole idea behind this mask is that it's completely dry. Because it's a dry product, it isn't a breeding ground for bacteria and is good for three uses, at 15 minutes per time. You loop the mask over your ears and under your chin, smooth over your face, and gently massage to activate the dry ingredients. I have to admit, I was feeling super skeptical about this mask- I suppose it's more of a fear of the unknown, as I've never even heard of a dry mask, let alone tried one out! However, I've seen enough reviews about the Dry Sheet Mask to want to try it myself, and in Charlotte's trial periods*, it proved successful:

-70% agree wrinkles are REDUCED

73% agree facial contours are LIFTED

-85% agree skin is BRIGHTER

-91% agree skin is more HYDRATED

100% agree skin is SMOOTHER

So I'm pretty much guaranteed to love this product. Peeling open the pouch and hooking the loops over and under, I got to work massaging the mask. Aside from the obvious note that this mask looks like something straight out of a horror movie once on, let's talk about how it felt on the skin. It was warm, dry and bizarre. I'll probably get used to it when I come to use it again, but it felt unlike any other mask I've ever used. When 15 minutes was up, I pulled the mask off and resealed it into its pouch, ready for next time, and took a look at my skin. My skin looked and felt like I'd just had a facial- I was literally glowing. It felt like I'd massaged coconut oil into my skin- super dewy and hydrated, and still is the morning after. The mask retails for £18, or you can buy the multipack of four masks for £60.

I'll definitely be using this product again- a firm 'YES' from me!

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